Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how Stream for All manages personally identifiable information obtained during your interaction with our website, server, and shared with our business partners.

Account Information

Some services on Stream for All can be accessed without creating an account. However, for enhanced services, creating a Stream for All account requires certain information such as name, birthday, gender, hometown, bio, education, career, profile image, email address, and phone number for identification and improved services. If connecting through a third-party service, we may use information from that service, including username, gender, profile image, and birthday. Certain information like username, age, and followers are publicly displayed on your profile, along with your recent videos. We use this information to enhance your experience, secure your account, and improve our services.

Address Book

Sharing your address book allows us to cross-reference with our database and display contacts using Stream for All.


Stream for All uses cookies, small pieces of data stored on your device, to enhance your experience.


We require location information (IP address) for connection setup and service provision. Recommendations may also be made based on your location if privacy settings allow.

History and Data Storage

We keep records of your interests, viewing history, and virtual gifts sent or received for recommendations and functionality. Data is stored for a period deemed appropriate for service provision, usually not exceeding 15 days.

Device Information

Additional device information is automatically received to detect abnormalities, prevent security breaches, and identify banned accounts or devices.

Bank Information

Bank information is required for payments. You are responsible for the accuracy of this information.

Information Shared by You

Public communications on Stream for All are visible to others. Staff monitors content for policy violations, and messages may be shared with law enforcement if illegal activities are suspected.

Children Protection

Stream for All is not directed at children. Users below the specified age in the User Agreement may not create an account. Zero tolerance is maintained for child abuse or exploitation.

How to Delete Your Personal Information

To delete personal information, follow these steps: Click Me, then Settings, and finally Feedback. Send emails to with your Stream for All ID for data deletion.

How to Manage Your Personal Information

Privacy settings let you control the sharing of information. You can download short videos shared through our services. For mass downloads, email us. Other services are needed for recording or downloading live streams.

If you have questions, contact us at